With our partners at United Cloud Services we consistently met our budget and exceeded our customer solutions goals. We've come to rely on their flexibility and expertise as essential ingredients to our winning formula.- Saurel Quettan, QM3 Utility Services, Inc

Marketing Cloud

We take you beyond the mechanics of marketing & PR tools to help you leverage the cloud to gain customer insight and voice effective messaging. Learn how to use the cloud to reach your audience, nurture leads, and build relationships

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Sales Cloud Implementation

Let us help you get the most out of Sales Cloud. We know the sales environment and how process, technology and information mobility must come together to ensure that the demands of the sales organization are met.

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Customer Service
Service Cloud Implementation

We align processes and apply technology to elevate customer service from a basic support function to a proactive organization that is responsive and helps generate more revenue from the customer base.

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SalesForce 1 Implementation Services

Get your workforce going with Salesforce 1 and other mobile tools to maximize mobility and improve efficiency.

We offer Salesforce 1 implementation and training to help you run your business from your phone or other mobile devices. We also offer custom tools to improve service scheduling, dispatching, tracking, asset management and rebate processing.

Our mobile services can help you take your business operations to the next level of mobility and efficiency through custom mobile apps and custom mobile sites seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce business needs. We will assess the aspects of your business that can be maximized through cloud utilization and other tools so you can take your business with you. Anywhere.

The Sky is the Limit.

Services & Scheduling

UCS has developed mobile tools ideally suited for managing services, dispatching, scheduling and even tracking. Find out how these tools can streamline fleet management and improve customer service

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Asset Management

Beyond service scheduling, our asset management tools provide mobile management of vehicles, inventory, warehousing and shipments. Discover ways to revolutionize management and operations

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Mobile Rebates

Deliver more to your customers faster while reducing administrative costs and drawbacks. Discover how our mobile rebate tools can add value to your organization

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UCS is proud to have been instrumental in the success of businesses across industries by revolutionizing the way that they use Salesforce, ensuring that integration is smooth and by overseeing training both of management and end-users.


ClearView is a group of talented professionals that bring benefits to employees all across the US and beyond. That's why customer service was their top priority.

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About us

UCS is a team of creative, technical professionals specializing in Salesforce integration. We combine technical expertise with experience and business acumen to tailor the potential of the cloud towards your business needs. We help reduce the number of clicks, enhance customer experience and assist in training employees to make integration seamless.

UCS provides an energetic work environment and truly embraces the team approach to challenges, creating a place where existing skills are fully utilized and new skills are more easily acquired

About you

We want to hear from you and understand your unique business needs and challenges. Tell us here OR troubleshoot Salesforce with our needs assessment tool.